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About us

We are a politically and religiously independent non profit organization in Eskilstuna. The association has conducted anti-discrimination activities since 2005 in Sörmland and since 2011 in Västmanland.

We promote human rights and non-discrimination by offering free legal advice for matters concerning the Discrimination Act to people who feel discriminated. We are bound to secrecy.

We work preventively to reduce discrimination in society by information and education. Diskrimineringsbyrån is one of Sweden’s anti-discrimination agencies.

The Discrimination Act

The Discrimination Act protects individuals against discrimination. The Discrimination Act defines what is considered to be discrimination and governs different forms of discrimination, grounds of discrimination and where the protection of discrimination applies.

According to the Discrimination Act, discrimination is described as the fact that an individual is disadvantaged or violated and that the disfavourable treatment is related to one of the seven grounds of discrimination.

The protected grounds of discrimination are sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation and age.

The law prohibits six forms of discrimination; direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, inadequate accessibility, harassment, sexual harassment and instructions to discriminate.

The prohibition of discrimination applies within certain areas in society, for example working life, education, health and medical care, goods, services and housing. The prohibition of discrimination does not apply everywhere. Events in privacy are not protected by the Discrimination Act.

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Make a complaint by e-mail or by telephone +46 16-13 23 25.